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Sydney Dry Gin, Juniper Dry Gin

Gin and Coffee Liqueur Pack

$143.00 Regular Price
$135.00Sale Price


The Double Pack contains:

1 * 700ml Sydney Dry Gin

1 * Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur



Sydney Dry Gin is a bright, crisp refreshing gin with a backbone of Juniper along side floral and citrus notes of ruby red grapefruit and a uber smooth finish.


It is comprised of 10 botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Cardamon, Angelica Root, Chamomile, Strawberry Gum, Liquorice Root, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Orange and a local Lilyfield Pepper Tree.


This is one extremely easy drinking & beautifully balanced Australian Gin. Sydney Dry Gin was our very first Gin and was years in the making ! Our target was to have a Citrus Gin, still with a Juniper backbone, that was beautifully balanced, delicious  and easy to drink. And we did it ! 


Our recommended serve is as a Classic Gin and Tonic using Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and a wedge of Ruby Grapefruit or a slice of lime.


It also makes a mean Negroni ! Check out the Cocktails page for the recipe.


41 % ABV 



GOLD 2023 Melbourne International Spirits Awards 

GOLD 2023 Tasting Australia Awards

SILVER 2023 Melbourne Royal Australian Distilled Spirits Competition

SILVER 2023 London International Spirits Awards 

SILVER 2023 San Francisco International Spirits Awards 

SILVER 2023 American Distilling Institute International Spirits Competition



Lily Fields Distilling Co Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is a delicous, balanced and moreish Coffee Liqueur.


Our coffee liqueur is made using specialty grade sustainable & ethical arabica beans sourced and  expertly roasted by Brew Ha Ha Coffee Roasters which are located around the corner from our home in Lilyfield ! Brew Ha Ha incredibly finished 5th in the Australian Coffee Roasting Championships !!


Our Coffee Liqueur has tasting notes of milk chocolate, honeycomb, butterscotch and bergamont orange. 


We use real coffee beans and add no artificial colours or flavourings. Real Coffee Liqueur contains Caffiene!

You may notice some sediment which is normal when using real coffee beans - Shake and Serve.


Simply try it Neat over ice, as a Espresso Martini or in any cocktail! 


This coffee liqueur is also really handy in the kitchen - think Tiramusu or a coffee addition to a chocolate mousse ! Yum


23% ABV 700ml


All of our craft spirits are made by us at our Sydney Gin Distillery !  Visit our about us page to find out more


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