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About Us:
A Sydney Gin Distillery

Award winning
Australian Made Gin

Lily Fields Distilling Co launched with its first product, Sydney Dry Gin, in late November 2022.  

The Sydney gin distillery was founded and is privately owned by Inner West Sydney Lilyfield locals, Jen and Shannon Hunt. 

The story is one of career change and was the result of multiple factors including the Covid pandemic which provided the time to reflect on how we wanted to spend the rest of our lives, what we had already achieved and what we wanted to do next.

Jen had worked within the pharmaceutical industry as a chemist her whole life (aka "The Scientist"). Roles including working in and running laboratory's, Clinical Trials, Analytical chemistry and as a Drug Development chemist. The roles were extremely technically challenging, and it came to a point where she wanted to put her energy and passion into her own project. (And have a huge amount of fun along the way)

 The idea for opening a Sydney Gin Distillery initially came out of a dream. Jen still remembers suggesting the proposal to husband Shannon, who's instant answer was "Lets Go For It".

The more the dream and the research progressed, the more signs there were that this was meant to be.

As a chemist, Jen could bring over all of her scientific knowledge and experience and be backed up by the other part of the team, Shannon (aka "The Creative").

Shannon has run his own company for over twenty years. The business was unique in that it started as a Horticultural and Landscape Gardening company and then grew into Design and Construction for the hospitality industry. If a venue had an idea, Shan would design and build it - And this comes in very handy when you are a startup gin distillery on a tiny budget.

The duo are also massive foodies, and so with the combined skill sets and experienced palates we decided to open Lily Fields Distilling Co. 

The feedback for both Sydney Dry Gin and Juniper Dry Gin has been phenomenal, with the two Gins being awarded 16 medals including five Golds in our first year.

Juniper Dry Gin topped it even further, being awarded the Trophy for Best in Class, Best London Dry Gin, Best Classic Dry Gin in the Australian Gin Awards 2023

We can't wait to see what we can do next!

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Australian made Gin

Gin Distillery Sydney

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The Process: Award Winning Gin

Before we get to the fun part we have a serious side: Manufacture.


Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled and monitored to make sure the end result tastes YUM every time. And thats Jen job (aka" The Scientist")

The manufacture control is just as important as using premium high quality botanicals. And thats how we have created some of the Best Australian Gin. 


When everything is perfect it's time to bottle and
add a little flare– and there you have our premium handcrafted spirits.


At our Sydney distillery we distill all of our spirits in-house in our copper pot still named "Magie".


The name Magie was picked for two reasons:

1) Magie, is Magic in the Romanian and Dutch languages. What is created in the still is magic, and a little wizardry so we felt it matched perfectly.

2) After Jen's grandmother, Gladys May Stone. Gladys represents bravery, power, and beauty. She was one of the first females to become a Lieutenant in the Australian Army, serving in the WW2, and always immaculately presented.

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