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Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur
  • Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 700ml



    Lily Fields Distilling Co Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is a delicous, balanced and moreish Coffee Liqueur.


    Our coffee liqueur is made using specialty grade sustainable & ethical arabica beans sourced and  expertly roasted by Brew Ha Ha Coffee Roasters which are located around the corner from our home in Lilyfield ! Brew Ha Ha incredibly finished 5th in the Australian Coffee Roasting Championships !!


    Our Coffee Liqueur has tasting notes of milk chocolate, honeycomb, butterscotch and bergamont orange. 


    We use real coffee beans and add no artificial colours or flavourings.

    Real Coffee Liqueur contains Caffiene!


    You may notice some sediment which is normal when using real coffee beans - Shake and Serve.


    You can store in the fridge so its chilled and ready to go !


    Simply try it Neat over ice, as a Espresso Martini or in any coffee based cocktail! Adding Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur to a Negroni is also delicous ! 


    This coffee liqueur is also really handy in the kitchen - think desserts like Tiramusu or a coffee addition to a chocolate mousse ! Yum


    This Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is also lower in sugar than many brands making it better for you ! In some brands the sugar level can be as high as a enormous 50%! We purposely tried to reduce the sugar level as much as we could without having any negative impact on the overall balance of the coffee to sugar to vodka ratio


    23% ABV 700ml

    Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is also available as a 200ml bottle and as part of our Gin Gift Pack 1 !


    All of our spirits are distilled at our Sydney Gin Distillery. Visit our About Us page to find out more.

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