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Pinot Noir Gin 2024
  • 2024 Pinot Noir Gin


    2024 Pinot Noir Gin has arrived


    This is a Limited Release Australian Gin - after a sell out 2023 seasonal release we have made a bigger batch this year and it is BEAUTIFUL.


    Summer 23/24 was a great season for Pinot Noir grapes resulting in larger and high quality fruit that have ripened much earlier (Last year we didnt release the Pinot Noir Gin until August!)


    2024 Pinot Noir Gin is made using our Sydney gin as the base with its traditional backbone of Juniper with subtle floral and citrus notes of Ruby Grapefruit and Orange, but then further complemented by the Pinot Noir grapes which adds beautiful cherry, blueberry, strawberry and grape notes.


    It's also super pretty in the glass appearing much like a Pink Gin.


    I suggest to serve this with berries rather than citrus - muddle a few blueberries and 1/2 a strawberry in the gin before topping with ice and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic. You can see the recipe here


    When we planned this Gin it was almost a one-shot experiment. We didn't know what the end product would taste like as it all depended on the sweetness and flavour profile of the Pinot Grapes, and how they would react with our Gin. Because the 2023 batch was so good, we have upscaled this years 2024 batch so that there is plenty to go around.


    The first part was finding a winery that was willing to help our little sydney gin distillery make our new creation.


    It didn't take long before we found Heifer Station, a beautiful winery located in Orange, NSW, and the the team was excited to be part of the journey.


    We waited until the grapes were at their peak and then make the 4 hour drive from Sydney to Orange to pick the grapes.


    Hand picking the Pinot Noir grapes was an experience in itself and is something that the Lily Fields team talk about frequently !


     Once we had enough it was back to the Sydney distilery to get the process started.


    We steeped the Pinot Noir grapes in our Sydney Dry Gin, before pressing the grapes to release all of their delicous flavour into the Gin.




    All spirits are distilled by us at our sydney distillery. Visit our About Us page to find out more.

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