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Calories in Gin Versus Wine or Beer

Updated: Apr 4

Have you ever thought about how many Calories are in a Gin and Tonic Versus a Wine or a Beer?

Or what about how many calories there are in a Gin and Soda?

The difference in calories between the Gin versus the Wine and Beer is HUGE. So I have decided to share.

Calories in Gin versus Wine or Beer

As you can see in the image these are the approximate calories in a standard serve.

150ml White Wine = 121 Calories

1 Gin and Tonic containing 1 shot of Sydney Dry Gin and 100ml of Tonic = 94 Calories*

A 375ml Beer = 131 Calories.

*Note this is an estimate of the Calories in the Gin. At Lily Fields Distilling Co we don't add any additional sugars or artificial flavours to our products, but some distilleries do - and it's not a legal requirement to state it on the bottle so its important to know what you are buying.

So lets give a bigger example. Lets say you had 4 drinks at the pub.

4 Wines contain 484 Calories

4 Gin and Tonics contain 376 Calories

4 Beers contain 524 Calories

The calories in gin are far less than either of the Wine or Beer !

How many calories are in a Gin and Soda or Sparkling Water ? Its even less !

A Gin and Soda (with one shot of Gin) contains 60 calories.

In our 4 drink example, 4 Gin and Soda's contains 240 Calories. This is less than 1/2 the calories of both wine and Beer !

Such a easy way to cut back on the calories - as long as you buy quality Gin !

As a distiller, I love my Gin. If going the Tonic Gin mixer I love both our Sydney Dry Gin and Juniper Dry Gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. Garnish with Ruby Red Grapefruit, a slice of Orange or peel of Lemon.

Both of our Australian craft Gins are made in our Sydney Gin Distillery.

And they both are great with even just Sparkling water - simply garnish with Citrus.

So if you are looking for a way to reduce your calorie intake the easiest way is to swap to Gin - The calories in Gin are so much less !

And just make sure you buy a quality Gin ! Between them our two Gins have been awarded 16 medals in our first year including the very prestigious TROPHY, Best in Class, Best London Dry Gin for our Juniper Dry Gin in the 2023 Australian Gin Awards !

And did you know prior to becoming a Distiller I was /am a Chemist ! Read more by Clicking About Us ! Or Just go straight to the shop and support a small Australian Craft Spirits brand.

**This information is meant to be used as a guide only. All values are approximate.

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